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Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Born in Trieste, a city of the sea and seafaring traditions, I've always had a strong attraction to this element, and especially in relation to what lies beneath its surface.

The big attraction and curiosity towards the sixth continent, which still accompanies me, pushed me to get all the patents to become a diving instructor.

But the turning point that me fall in love intensely of the sea and its inhabitants took place about twenty years ago when for the first time I picked up an underwater camera.

Since then, underwater photography has become an integral part of my life and I can not imagine one without the other.

This great passion has allowed me to win two italian titles in Underwater Photo Safari and especially to excel with my pictures in the most prestigious competitions in the world of underwater photography, to obtain the two most coveted titles for an underwater photographer: the Plongeur d'Or in Portfolio at the Festival Mondial de l'Image sous Marine in Marseille in 2009 and to be finalist in 50° Wildlife Photographer of the Year at Natural History Museum of London in 2014.  

Underwater photography has led me to dive in different seas of the world and particularly in the Indonesian seas, where nature model a fantastic underwater world and outstanding in the multitude of living beings so special and colorful that composed it, so to confuse the mortal who is lucky enough to admire them.

2004 “VODAN” (SLOVENIA): 1° Macro Mediterranean e 3° Macro Tropical;
2005 “VODAN” (SLOVENIA): 2° Cold waters, 3° Tropical fish e 3° Macro Mediterranean;
2005 “EPICPHOTOCONTEST”  (CALIFORNIA – U.S.A.): 3° Coral Reef;
2005 “UNDERWATER IMAGES COMPETITION” (OHIO – U.S.A.): 2° e 3° Macro open; 
2006 “EPICPHOTOCONTEST”  (CALIFORNIA – U.S.A.): 2° Cold waters e 3° Wide angle; 
2006 “LAUPS” (CALIFORNIA – U.S.A.):  best of show, 1° Macro and three honorable mentions;
2007 “PAF TACHOV” (CZECH REPUBLIC): 1° color print;
2007 “VODAN” SLOVENIA): 1° Tropical fish, 2° Macro Mediterranean e 3° Fish Mediterranean; 
2007 “LAUPS” (CALIFORNIA – U.S.A.):  2°, 4° e honorable mentions in Macro;
2008 “UNDERWATER IMAGES COMPETITION” (U.S.A.): honorable mention in Macro;
2009 “OUR WORLD UNDERWATER” (U.S.A.): 3° Reefscapes;
2009 “ONDINA PHOTO CONTEST” (SPAIN): 1° absolute;
2009 “MARMARA FESTIVAL” (Istambul, TURKEY): special prize of Giury in  PORTFOLIO, 1° e 2° Macro prints and 2° Wide prints;
2009 “36° FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE L’IMAGE SOUS MARINE” (Marseille – FRANCE): first place (plongeur d’or) in Portfolio;
2010 “4° DEEP INDONESIA” (U.S.A.): 1° e 2° cat. Reefscapes;
2010 “MARMARA FESTIVAL” (TURKEY): 1°  Macro print.
2011 “ASFERICO” (Italy): 3° cat. Underwater World;
2011 “CELEBRATE THE SEA” (AUSTRALIA): Merit of Exellence in B&W print; 
2011 “MARMARA FESTIVAL” (TURKEY): 2° Wide angle;
2012 “OUR WORLD UNDERWATER” (U.S.A.): 2° e 3° in Macro Traditional and 3° in Macro Unrestricted;
2012 “BENEATH THE SEA” (U.S.A.): 1° sez. Behavior;
2013 “BENEATH THE SEA” (U.S.A.): 3° in Underwater Behavior;
2013 “SEA” (CALIFORNIA – U.S.A.): two honorable mentions in Macro Advanced;
2013 “MARMARA FESTIVAL” (TURKEY): special prize of Giury in  PORTFOLIO.
2013 ACQUA 2013 – (ITALY): 1° - DSLR Tropical Macro and 3° Mediterraneo Macro;
2013 40° FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE L’IMAGE SOUS MARINE (FRANCE): Prize for the best photo of the Mediterranean Sea;
2013 “OCEAN ART PHOTO COMPETITION” (U.S.A.): 3° cat. Wide Angle;
2014 “OUR WORLD UNDERWATER” (U.S.A.): 2° cat. Wide Angle Traditional;
2014 “ASFERICO” (Italy): one shot mentioned in “Underwater World” cat.;
2014 “FESTISUB” (Switzerland): 1° cat. “THE SEA”;
2014 “MARMARA FESTIVAL” (TURKEY): 2° in Wide Angle cat.;
2014 “SEA” (CALIFORNIA – U.S.A.): 2° in Creative cat.;
2014 “SCUBA DIVING PHOTO CONTEST” (U.S.A.): 2° in Behavior cat. and H.M.;
2014 “41° FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE L’IMAGE SOUS MARINE” (FRANCE): 3° in Theme  Series (5 digital images);
2014 “OCEAN GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY - PICTURES OF THE YEAR” (AUSTRALIA): 1° in Colour Prints, 2° in Fish Behavior, H.M. In Portfolio;

1998 “DIAFRAMMA SUB” contest in Rome: 1° wide angle novice;
1999 “IL MARE A MILANO” contest in Milan: 1° and 2° Mediterraneo novice and 1° Macro novice;
2001 “BLU MEDITERRANEO” contest in Moneglia (Genova): 1° Underwater Biology award;
2002 “BLU MEDITERRANEO” contest in Moneglia (Genova): 1° Macro;
2002 “MONZA SUB” contest in Monza: 1° Macro cat.;
2003 “CITTA’ DI FAENZA” contest in Faenza: 3° Macro Open;
2004 “BOLZANO SUB” contest in Bolzano: 2° absolute;
2004 “PELAGOS” contest in Rome: 1° Macro;
2006 “ORTONASUB” contest of Ortona (Chieti): best photo for public jury; 
2007 “ISOLA DEL GIGLIO” Contest: 1° Portfolio and 1° Macro;
2007 “ORTONASUB” contest of Ortona (Chieti): 1° Portfolio;
2008 “PELAGOS” contest in Rome: 3° Macro
2009 “PELAGOS” contest in Rome: 1° Wide Angle;
2009 “CITTA’ DI VENEZIA” contest in Venice: 1° Wide Angle;
2009 “CITTA’ DI SIENA” contest in Siena: 1° absolute;
2010 “PELAGOS” contest in Rome: 1° Macro.
2010 “CITTA’ DI VENEZIA” contest in Venice: 1° macro tropic., 3° macro Mediter., 3° Wide Angle tropic.
2010  “CITTA’ DI SIENA” contest in Siena: 1° absolute; 1° Macro, 1° Wide Angle;
2010 “MILANO 2010 dipinta di blu” contest in Milan: 1° absolute.
2011 “ASFERICO” (Italy): 3° cat. Underwater World;
2011 “PELAGOS” in Rome: 1° Wide Angle;
2011 “CITTA’ DI VENEZIA” contest in Venezia: 1° sez. Aquae;
2011 “TROFEO VERVECE” Naples : 1° absolute;
2012 “CITTA’ DI VENEZIA” contest in Venice: 3° Sharks, 3° Tropical Wide, 3°  Reproduction;
2012 “ORTONAMARE”: 1° cat. Macro, 2° cat. The Sea, 3° cat. Mediterranean;
2013 “CITTA’ DI VENEZIA” contest in Venice: 1° Tropical Macro, 1° Jellyfish.
2013 ACQUA 2013 : 1° - DSLR Tropical Macro and 3° Mediterraneo Macro;

        e-mail : morettin_adriano@alice.it

Cameras Nikon D800E and Nikon D3X ;  
Macro lens: Nikon 60 micro, Nikon 105 micro, Nikon 70-180 micro;
Wide lens: Nikon 10,5 fisheye, Nikon 14-24 f.2,8 and Sigma 15 mm;
Seacam housings with flat pots for, Superdome e Wide-macro port for wide;
Flash Seacam mod. 150;