Tuesday, February 28, 2012


My name is Florian Feldgrill and my  Passion is diving since 1988 in all Variation. Firebrigade, Recreational and Tec diving.
But by all dives I had a strong wish, how you can take a great moment for all
 other people. And so i used  different cameras by the most dives around the
world. But my secret passion is freshwater . In Austria we have nice Lake,
a lot of Ponds and River for exclusive diving in a mystic world.
A mystic surround is waiting by our dives in freshwater. The Jungle in South-
america exactly Amazonas, the first Trip in Jungle was in Ecuador Cuyabeno, is
also a Freshwater Tour and  Pantanal is a importand wish from me. So I hope
I have to do many  dives in next time and can bring good pic for all people…