Saturday, March 24, 2012


Masmawi Rahim ( Mawi )

I was born & raised in a small country in Asia, Singapore on January 14th, 1975. Fell in love with the sea since a teenager. Active in seasports activities, I decided to take up Scubadiving  on 2006 to further explore the wonders of the oceans beneath. After couple of dives, I come to a conclusion that, I really had to capture the moments of the beautiful landscape underwater. So with that, I started with my first compact underwater camera that is an Olympus U 710. It is then that I started to realize and develop the passion to go further on underwater photography. Being new in the underwater photography scene, I  didn't have much knowledge, equipment & tools at that time. It is about a year ago that I decided to pursue and upgrade to a decent  underwater photography equipment . It is a passion & hobby for me now, capturing underwater photographs and share it to everyone. 

Current setup : NIKON D7000
                        10.5mm fisheye
                        60mm macro

Underwater    : Sea & Sea MDX 7000
Housings           Olympus PT-EP01

Strobes           : Sea & Sea YS-110a

Dive sites       : Singapore - Pulau Aur
                         Malaysia - Pulau Tioman, Pulau Aur
                         Borneo ( Sabah ) - Pulau Mabul, Sipadan
                         Indonesia - Bali ( Tulamben )
                         Indonesia - Bali ( Nusa Penida )
                         Indonesia - Manado, north Sulawesi
                         Indonesia - Lembeh Straits