Sunday, June 3, 2012


Valerija S. Vlasov (born in Munich, Germany in 1973)
Already as a child Valerija was following every documentary program about the underwater world on television. And the best in life for her were the summer holidays together with her family on the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Croatia where she spent all day in the water observing fish life.  
After Valerija finished High School in Munich, she studied Intercultural Communication and Slavonic Languages. At that time she started freelancing as online editor for several TV stations in Munich, what she continued as well afterwards full time.
On her first journey to Egypt in 1998 she learned diving and already the year after she did her dive guide training in Croatia. In 2003 Valerija finally left Munich and did her training as diving instructor as well in Croatia, where she started working abroad. Next move was to Egypt where she worked for two years as Diving Instructor and Live-aboard guide. During that time Valerija discovered that that the underwater photography was a great way to capture the beauty of life in the ocean and to show it to others… and it became her passion
Together with her partner, Gorden, Valerija used to work as Dive Instructor and Live-aboard guide in the Red Sea throughout Egypt and on the Maldives. Since January 2010 they are managing together a Dive Centre in Aqaba, Jordan.