Saturday, July 28, 2012


I’m Philippe Velghe, born in Belgium’s most beautiful city of Ghent, somewhere on December 31st.

Having been practising intensive sports such as cycling races, ice speed skating, etc., I decided to slow down after a while. This is how I turned to scuba diving in 2005. My first major scuba experience was a trip to the Red Sea. 

Wanting to have a proper scuba instruction I enrolled at the local dive school. Without the urge to hunt for stars and stripes I became a SSI Master Diver/ C-MAS ( Nelos) 2*. Who’d have thought that this was the beginning of an undeniable addiction?

In Belgium we don’t have any tropical waters. Instead we have the most beautiful moderate and cold water dive sites, just like the Netherlands and Denmark where I spend most of my diving days.

In 2011 I was so bold to bring a small inexpensive camera on a dive trip in Egypt, a Nikon LP 18. The virus for underwater photography and biology struck me and didn’t let go since. I fell in love with the underwater world and its critters, seeing details I left unseen before. That’s probably the reason why I’m fond of macro photography.

One year and three cameras later, I now use an Olympus E-PL3 with a same brand housing and twin Inon S-2000 strobes. Even out of the water the itch remained and thus I acquired some experience whit DSLR camera.

I am also a proud member of WOFFV, an Belgian underwater photography club (