Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Jaap Voets started diving in 1999. In the first few years diving was mainly a holiday thing but in 2002 the virus really caught on. 
Jaap bought an Ikelite housing that year for his first digital camera, a Sony F707 and started taking photo's underwater.
Striving for perfection in his photo's he changed through an ever growing lists of camera's. After the F707 came the Olympus C4040, the Sony A100, Sony 350 and since mid 2012 a Nikon D800.
Since Jaap is a full trimix rebreather diver he wanted a set that can go to 100 meters or more, the Nikon D800 in a Hugyfot housing will allow for these deep shots.

Whether it is small critters in the Zeeland delta of the Netherlands, a buddy on a scooter in a local lake, or a wreck in warm or cold waters, every subject has its charm. There are always possibilities to return with great shots from a dive. You just have to keep an open mind and grab the opportunity when it presents itself.
Diving took him around the world, his favourite destination is Egypt but he has dived in New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Mexico, Indonesia, Kenya, Australia, Denmark, the UK and many more countries.
When Jaap is not diving he works as a programmer. He created his own online dive log website www.ultimatedivelog.com.

The best underwater shots make it to one of his other websites: www.h2olic.net