Friday, September 28, 2012


Enrique Talledo is founder and director of MUNDOS OCEÁNICOS, a production company specialized in documentation, research, exploration and protection of the marine environment.
It offers the nature and its clients an extensive experience which has been accumulated for almost over twenty years of vocation and materialized into a full archive of over 150.000 photos and hundreds hours of footage in HD (high definition).

More than a hundred awards support the work of this camera and underwater photographer. Its main motives are to promote and raise awareness of the marine ecosystems. In this long list of awards, the Gold Medal in the Championship of Spain of Underwater Photography without oxygen supply and the Silver Medal by teams at the World Championships in the same specialty are the very important ones.
Furthermore, more than 3,000 images have been published in print media -newspapers, magazines, literary and educational works - and numerous productions have been emitted by almost all Spanish TV channels as well as important international submarine film festivals.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Underwater photography is, first and foremost, my hobby. I enjoy immensely the challenges and rewards it provides and it allows me to switch off from my day-job in I.T.

I first learned to dive with Torbay branch of BSAC back in 1987 when I was 13 years old and I have not looked back since. Some years were spent with Brixham SAA/BSAC as well as the branch at my university in Cheltenham. I am now a Direct member of BSAC.

I started taking an interest in underwater photography when the digital era made it relatively cheap for sport divers to take up the challenge. Since then I have used a stream of Canon, Olympus and Fuji cameras, including a dSLR, but I am currently very happy with my Olympus PEN E-PL1 micro 4/3rds camera. For my style of diving/snorkelling it’s small size, quick responses and superb image quality makes it the perfect companion.

Early photographic influences were from my time spent amongst Freedivers at international competitions; Zena Holloway, Fred Buyle and Axel Scholler were the main photographers from whom I took great inspiration for image making.

Latter day influences st0em from my both my love for the marine habitat and from the open and friendly family of underwater photographer in the UK. Paul Naylor’s books have been my bibles over many happy years of shooting identification photos, where as Alex Mustard and Peter Rowlands have provided me with technical, artistic, professional, and ethical inspiration and guidance.

After spending my first years learning the ropes on Canon compact cameras, I briefly flirted with a Canon 1000D dSLR rig but quickly decided it was far too large for my snorkelling activities. Since then I have formed a very happy and productive relationship with my trusty Olympus E-PL1 micro 4/3rds camera in the Olympus housing. It is a superb image making tool perfectly suited to my methods & approach and one I can not recommend highly enough both to compact user wanting to upgrade, and to dSLR shooters looking for a less cumbersome package.

Much of my spare time is spent exploring new diving/snorkelling sights, from the shore and from my kayak. These methods have given me a new perspective on the UK coastline and in-land sites and continue to provide new photographic opportunities.

Over the past few years I have written a number of articles on diving, snorkelling and marine life in the UK. I have had articles and/or photos published in the following magazines: DIVE, SCUBA, Sport Diver, DIVER and Underwater Photography. When-ever asked I contribute images to The Wildlife Trusts and Seasearch free of charge for use in their campaigning for protection for the UK’s coastal waters.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012



Started UWP in 2007, at that time I had no idea what so ever about photography, yes I owned an old Yashica film camera someone gave to me many years back, not even sure it works.

Although spending all my free time diving, I only really started underwater photography after a friend convinced me that it was fun and really rewarding, I had my reservations….

I took my first picture with a loan camera, a small Sony point and shoot, can’t even recall the model number. After the dive I was so excited and could not wait to look at the pictures, yikes was I disappointed, blur, blur and even more blur with no colour! Sheesh, where was this instant gratification he mentioned, I was annoyed, thwarted and more so, now totally committed to get one decent photograph!

That was it, game on! The next Monday I went and bought my first underwater camera (“Credit Cards” got to love them) at Ushaka Marine World! A Sony W7 and housing, and I have not regretted it since. My new found passion in underwater photography was 2 fold, one to at least get a decent picture and 2, the continuous need to adapt to an environment that changes every second and then still be able to produce a picture worthy of a frame!

This was not only a huge challenge but extremely exciting! Today, I most probably would not dive if you took my camera away. So I guess you can say I am a self-taught photographer who has only realised his passion late in life, well that’s what I thought!

Here’s the catch, I did not see it coming from a mile away, try 40 years! (This was +-2 years ago)

Since changing the “environment” I spent all my free time in, I have been hit hard with the realisation that it was not only photography that I should be passionate about, I should get passionately involved with the entire ocean and it's inhabitants by creating images that will in some way help protect the them!

I also need to try and assist the people dedicated to making a difference in the marine environment, which we so passionately dive and photograph in, through photography and the story it can tell.

This was missing in my earlier photographic work. What was I really taking photographs of, for, or even who?

Was I just trying to create a beautiful picture or is there more to photography, like telling a story, creating a feeling, arousing a sense, generating anger or happiness, pity or self belief dismay or encouragement?

Hopefully my realisation will not be short lived and meaningless. I hope my photographs will be a testament to Allen Walker actually doing something about his passion and conservation. 60% of the revenue generated from my images is donated to conservation, can I make a difference? Let’s see……I am working hard in my free time to realise my dream.

Recipe for an awesome image: Time, Devotion and Perseverance!