Thursday, February 28, 2013


As for many people of his generation, Michel Braunstein’s passion for the sea was born while watching Jacques Cousteau’s movies in his childhood. Later on (1986) he took his first dive course and stunned by the underwater kingdom's beauty, he wanted immediately to put it all on pictures.  He began with a rented Sea and Sea camera. Since then, underwater camera became his main accessory for diving, even before fins.

His first underwater camera was Nikonos V and switched to DSLR in the digital revolution.

Michel has developed a diving computer as end of electronics study project in 91.
Braunstein's personal underwater photo website won the "Palme d'Or" in 2007 at Antibes Worldwide Festival of Underwater Images. The website has just been completely rebuilt and got a new name:
After hundreds of dives in the dark and cold lakes and quarries in Belgium, where he was born, Michel moved to Israel to be closer to the Red Sea and from there has travelled all over the blue planet and went back with photo-articles.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013




Growing up in and around the water, Joe Romeiro developed a love for the ocean at a young age. After seeing his first shark when he was just 5 years old, he has been captivated by them ever since. A self-taught filmmaker, he founded 333 Productions in 2007 with fellow producer & shark conservationist Bill Fisher. Since then, 333 Productions has created four award-winning films, "Silent Requiem", "Death of a Deity", "A Lateral Line" and "Shark Culture".

Most notable awards received include: the prestigious Blue Ocean Film Festival's "Best New Filmmaker" and "Best New Cinematographer" in 2009, ADEX "Underwater Video of the Year Award" in 2010, and the "Ocean Inspiration Award" in 2011, awarded by a panel of esteemed judges and industry professionals in a video competition sponsored by Celine Cousteau, honoring the life of her Grandfather, Jacques Cousteau.

As Joe pursues his quest to travel the world to capture the images of sharks in ways that no one else has, he portrays them as beautiful creatures that are an important and critical element of our oceans eco-system. He has worked with renowned film and television media industry professionals, marine biologists and shark behaviorists to bring to light little known shark actions and activities that astound audiences worldwide, bringing that enduring and indelible 333 Productions touch.

His mission: to protect sharks by educating and dispelling the myths surrounding them through film and through personal interaction.

A member of the Explorers Club and Ocean Artists Society, his work has been featured on Discovery Networks, National Geographic, and various other T.V. productions.