Monday, March 25, 2013


Harald Hois dives since 1992 – he is common with all the seas in the world. Being fascinated by the enormous variety of species of animals, current and the wonderful landscapes Hois took his camera with him straight up from the beginning.

For long time Indonesia, the Philippines, the Caribbean Sea, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean See have been his favourite diving destinations. In the last couple of years the Azores and Galapagos count to the most wanted dive sites. Setting humpback-whales close to the Silver Banks, sperm-whales around the Azores or the huge whale-sharks close to Darwin into the right frame, big mammals get more and more the “second passion” – together with “freshwater diving”.

The real passion of Hois  is diving in fresh water regions of the Alps which lead to writing a book about diving in freshwater rivers and lake (Tauchen in Fliessgewässern – Harald Hois & Gerald Kapfer). It is exactly there where Hois finds his spirits. He is always keen of finding “new” dive-sites that are seldom known to the public (just like diving with seals in Estonia).

Hois is writing and photographing for different magazines in the world – mostly Unterwasser, tauchen, Silent World, Aquanaut, ScubaDiverTTL, Asian Diver, Invertum but sometimes also for online-magazines like or  or for regional newspapers.