Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Nicolas Tolstoy

The ocean is a fascination for me and an essential element in my life.
I began my career like professional scientist diver, complete by a university degree in  marine biology and underwater ecology.
I worked for various jobs, all in connection with the sea; in oceanographic centers and research laboratories.
As a diver, photography has naturally emerged as the best means of expression to capture and freeze my vision of this «nature océane ».
In 2010 I decided to devote myself entirely to underwater photography by becoming professional.
I am now photographer specializing in marine environment and I get  the chance to travel the world in countries that interest me.

My goal, is to bring the viewer to be invaded by the shapes, the colors, the structures, and textures ... Let him be soak up by alchemy of these elements and feeling a sensation, an emotion regardless of which register.
The important thing is the power of this emotion. That is the purpose of my photographic work.

So I hope my pictures will trigger you in a multitude of emotions…