Friday, August 9, 2013


Bill Eastwick was born and lives in the Boston, Massachusetts area. After high school, bill was deployed with the US Army to Afghanistan and Iraq, is now a full time firefighter with his hometown fire department, and is a goaltender for several ice hockey teams. He is engaged, and on Christmas morning of 2012, he and his fiancé welcomed their baby boy into the world.

Bill was certified by PADI in 2007 after seeing Sharkman, featuring Mike Rutzen, with the sole purpose of getting to know an animal that he had loved his whole life. After 3 years of waiting, to no avail, in hopes that some friends would join him, he finally went on his first shark dive to Tiger Beach, in the Bahamas, and hasn't looked back.

Here are his own words on why he loves diving with sharks so much:

"They're my therapy. When you return from a place like Afghanistan and Iraq, after doing that job and going through what you go through, home just doesn't feel the same. You don't quite fit in anymore. No one understands what you went through, are going through, except for those you served with. You feel like you just want to go back, which makes even less sense to friends and family than everything else. I found that when I returned from my first shark diving trip, I was met with the same exact situation. No one got it - except for other shark divers. In the water with sharks, there's a peace, and excitement, matched by no other. And in the circle of my shark diving friends, a camaraderie that is only rivaled by those you went to war with. Sharks have helped me through many issues that lingered from my deployments. They're truly the most beautiful, powerful, misunderstood animal on earth. And to me, they're my salvation."

Bill is currently working to get a bill through the Massachusetts legislature that would ban the sale, possession, and consumption of shark fins in Massachusetts. You can see more of his work and read about his adventures on his Facebook page, Shark Shots.

You can see more of his work and read about his adventures on his website,