Friday, October 23, 2015


Sergio Riccardo, born in Naples on 10/05/63, grew up in close contact with the sea. Just 10 years old, he built a small longbow with the metal core of an umbrella and began fishing in free dive style in the waters on the island of Procida. 
At the age of fifteen, he attended a scuba diving course. After only three years he already became a PADI Instructor. 
Thus began his diving career. After collaborating with the Diving Center Sorrento for a while, in 1983 Sergio moved for a long time to the Maldives. Simultaneously, in Sorrento it is opened one of the first Diving Centers and Sergio started working in both the Mediterranean area and the Indian Ocean region. 
In 1991, attentive to the needs of the market, Sergio founded DIVING TOUR, a small tour operator, specializing in worldwide underwater tourism. He started his search for the best places of tourist interest and underwater in the various seas in the world. 
In the following years he took plunges in various seas and oceans, from the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, observing and photographing carefully and meticulously.
These experiences resulted in "Travel & Diving", a catalog of travel products from the current agency Diving Tour and a choice of over 15 destinations worldwide, from The Galapagos to Papua New Guinea, with a wide choice of trips and diving cruises.
Today, Sergio directs Diving Tour with the same enthusiasm and passion like the first day, always looking for new places to discover and propose, but without neglecting the sea at his home base, the first great love of his life.

Equipment Photo-Sub:
Housing Seacam x D800E, objectives NIKON 105, zoom 17-.35, 15 mm. sigma, Flash Subtronic Alpha Pro, Sea & Sea D1
Photo equipment:
D4S, objectives NIKON 70-200 VRII, zoom 14-.24, 16-35 zoom, zoom 200-400