uwphotographers: August 2017

Thursday, August 17, 2017



Julian Nedev is born July 1, 1964, in Varna, Bulgaria
Specializing in underwater, commercial, fashion and product photography. 
Ship machines and mechanisms - 1982
Naval Academy, Bulgaria: Navigation - 1985
Graduate art - photographer - 1991
Member of the Association of Advertising Photographers – 2001

A certified CMAS *** scuba diver - 2003. 
Member of the Photographic Academy – Bulgaria – 2004
A founder and organizer of the International photo salon, Varna, Bulgaria -  2004.
A master photographer with the National Chamber of Crafts, Bulgaria - 2006.
CMAS scuba diving instructor - 2012.
CMAS underwater photography instructor - 2014.

He has won many prizes in international competitions for underwater photography.
There are 49 solo exhibitions, 11 of which are underwater, and since 1996 the first one in Bulgaria is implementing underwater swimming pool photography projects.

How did I turn to photography on water? Family feature ... This is the profession of my father, he is one of the first underwater photographers in Bulgaria. The most difficult in this profession is the balance between diving skills and photographic vision. And to get the perfect picture, you need a few simple but important things: an interesting subject, a lot of chances, photographic flair and good technique.
The idea of man appearing in underwater photography is very old, and of course, not mine. But still the first one in Bulgaria in the distant 1996 I began to photograph models under water in the pool. The human body placed in this unnatural environment seems like weightless. His movements are very interesting and fascinating.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


My name is Sergio Agrò and I was born on August 27th, 1974, since I was young the feeling with the sea was so strong.
I learned to swim and keep my breath alone, and I didn't stop that emotions. I made my first dive late, in 2009 during an holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, there I took the first patent and I went ahead to reach the level of "digital underwater photographer instructor". 
Since my first dive I always wanted to take picture to what I was seeing, just because I was not good at describing the underwater world with my words, so I wanted to do it with the pictures, and show my photos to those who could not go underwater. It doens't metter where, I made dive under the sea, lake, river and under the ice. 
Today my passion and emotion is the same of my first dive-day, and sometime I still use my first camera, Canon G11, but my best buddy is my Nikon D700.