Thursday, April 12, 2012


De bruyn jean-marie Alias ( Juan Moreno)

Born in Belgium in 1959 so now at the age of 52 i dive for 18 years now
I was in a member in a dive club for several years but now no clubs any more for me now !
I only want to be peaceful under water whit my true friend my camera
I have many dive friends an dive many time 's solo to take pictures , that's my new passion for 3 years now , first whit a little camera en now whit the Olympus Pen 3 en Macro and wide-angle lenses
In Belgium the visibility is very poor so macro is thing to do many time's here..
All I can say , it gives me some rest in this crazy world, under water I feel free so I do dive many times and have now 1900 dives also extra-long ones, 2 hours of diving is no problem for me, sometimes my friends do say you are truly a fish!!
I take pictures an show them to the world so that everybody can see Belgium is also beautiful under water …it gives my pleasures to share this…. Greets from Juan Moreno