Monday, April 16, 2012


Marcelo Mammana

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and started to dive when I was about thirteen years old. I got certified many years later.
I never took a picture until I was underwater. My surface images came later, when the magazines started to ask me to shoot some, to complement the subaquatic ones.
I am a self-taught photographer. My first roll  was a perfect 36 plain blue images... the lab guy asked me if they were "test" photos ("sure" I said :) )... I still got them and blue is still my favourite color.
I've dived in Patagonia, Brazil, the Caribbean and Antarctica.
I used a Nikonos V system for many years, and still consider it one of the best photographic tools I've ever used. I moved to digital when I begun my Antarctica trips.
I love black and white images, and I mostly used that film for big mammals and wrecks.
After pursuing my dream for many years, I could finally go to Antarctica, where I spent two entire years (2007 and 2009), and could make my most memorable dives, along and inside big icebergs, under the frozen sea. I have even directed a short film that run 2nd in an international film fest.
I am currently working on a book series, and researching for my next antarctic dives.
I need to be underwater. It is difficult to explain, but for some reason, I find peace in that silent and sometimes dark world.