Friday, May 25, 2012


Stefan Heer, born on 13th July 1984, discovered diving at the age of 23 which eventually turned out to be his greatest passion. Only 3 years later, he became a diving instructor of a diving school at the Lake of Zurich. Within the diving community, he met Kurt Amsler who taught him how to take underwater pictures. 

Already as a child, he was interested in putting down special impressions on paper. As a result, he has been taking pictures for many years.
He photographed a great deal with his ordinary camera Sea & Sea DX 1G, which has now been replaced by a Nikon D90 with a UK-Germany case.

After a few trips to Egypt and a trip to the Maldives, his better half Katharina Fischer and he went traveling around the globe for 4 months as a world-diving trip, where they have gone to visit the most beautiful places on earth, as they are: Hawaii, Truk Lagoon, Palau, New Zealand, Fiji and the Philippines.
The reports and photos were published on the website, which he had founded in May 2010. This Internet platform is his first project which should give divers the opportunity to publish their diving experiences and vacation photos. With a lot of information about diving and its possible destinations, the website offers many informative facts and advices.

"While taking pictures underwater, you lose all worries, feel absolutely free and as part of something big."


Cam & Housing: Nikon D90 with UK-Germany housing
Lens: 16-55mm, 10.5mm Fisheye, 105mm Macro, 12-24mm
Strobes: 2x Sea&Sea YS-110
Diopter: Inon
Additional Equipment: Keldan Luna 8 CRI with UV-Module, Sola 1200