Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Alex Zeni

Of both Swiss and Italian nationalities, Alex was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1964.

He studied to become a kitchen chef in early 80', than later joined the Lausanne Hospitality Management School. Alex worked ever since in the Hospitality sector. Since 2006, he owns and manages with his wife Véronique the Chalets Sous-le-Vent www.souslevent.biz, a 7 bungalows family hotel facing the Cousteau Marine Park in Guadeloupe.

Alex discovered scuba-diving in Africa (Sao Tomé & Principé), where he became a NAUI diver in 1989.  Since then, he travelled the world mainly for work reasons as well as leisure, getting the chance to dive in many places, such as Maldives, Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Guam, Red Sea, Australia Great Barrier Reef, and since 2006 in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.  Today, Alex is a CMAS** and PADI rescue diver with about 300+ dives, as well as CMAS Underwater Photography Instructor Level 1.

Evolving from land photography to underwater photography in 2005 was a natural move. Passionate about underwater photography, my favourites pictures are taken in the Cousteau Marine Park in Guadeloupe where I live, and where I welcome our clients from all over the world.  We organise scuba-diving holidays, as well as underwater photography sessions for beginners. We would be very happy to welcome you here, under the tropics!
My gallery of pictures from Guadeloupe (underwater and other) here: www.souslevent.book.fr

Material used Since 2008:
Canon Powershot G10, Ikelite casing and DS-51 Ikelite strobe, as well as a Fantasea Nano-flash.