Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Jan Acosta started his affair with the underwater world in 1999. He has continued diving since and is now a PADI Instructor. As a diver, he has experienced the beauty and the wealth of the sea.  By taking photos, he is able to show non-divers a glimpse of life under the waves.
Shortly after Jan became a diver, he submerged his first underwater camera, a FUJI 1.2 megapixel point and shoot.  In 2009, he upgraded from point and shoot cameras to a dSLR. He is currently using a Canon 40D with a HugyFot housing and Inon strobes.
Jan’s photos have been featured in various webpages, magazines and billboards. He has also contributed photos to government, non-government organizations, and private corporations to help their tourism ad campaigns and environmental conservation efforts.

Jan continues to dive, organize, and conduct diving tours and underwater photo trips all over the Philippines as well as neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region. He is one of the founders and the current president of the Network of Underwater Digital Imagers (NUDI). Under his leadership the underwater photography club has grown to be the biggest club of its kind in the Philippines.
Currently, Jan, along with friends, is busy with Studio H2O, an outfit that focuses on providing underwater photography and videography services.