Friday, August 31, 2012


Virgilio Gabriele born in Italy in 73.

He followed in 1985 the first course with FIAS of Caserta.
In 1991 he became a dive instructor.
In 1998 OTS professional diver IMCA.
Over 8000 dives. 

It is dedicated to long time to the sailing, from the Mediterranean Sea at the Atlantic Ocean.
It 'a professional diver specializing in Marine Biology and Marine Protected Areas.
His particular interest in marine animals, leads him to realize thousands of images of wildlife, combining a passion for underwater photography and the estrus for the artistic image.

The passion has brought to study and learn even more the knowledge biological.
In the last 10 years taken many shots in tropical seas. He has spent many years for the creation of an important digital film, with more focus on macro photography for the  rare species.

He direct a diving center in the Mediterranean Sea,  Maldives and  transfers in the ocean sailboats for the wildlife reportage. 

Now he runs a diving center in the island of Dharavandhoo (Maldives) - Dharavandhoo Divers - near the lagoon in Hanifaru Atolla Baa.

Thursday, August 30, 2012


For Indra Swari W,  the underwater world gives her a sense of tranquility and offers so much beauty that never fails to impress her each time she dives.   Through her photography she captures these beauty and share it with family and friends. 

Her pictures have developed further with the experience and knowledge that she has gained over the years.  Working with animals in their natural habitat has given her great challenges and at the same time great satisfaction through the results she gets.  Passion, dedication and patience are the three ingredients that Indra strongly believes provide for successful underwater photography and these elements are evident in her extensive portfolio.  Her passion and enthusiasm for finding and photographing new creatures and their behaviour remains undiminished, she continues to be driven by the many opportunities she has yet to experience around the worlds oceans.

Nowadays her works can be seen seen in a variety of publications.  Last year, in collaboration with friends, a collection of her work was published in "Our Underwater Indonesia" – a coffee-table book dedicated to the beautiful Indonesian waters. 
More of her photography portfolio, visit

Now based in Singapore, Indra travels frequently back to her native Indonesia to experience what she considers to be some of the best diving in the world.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"Born and raised in Ukraine,Vladimir now lives in Massachusetts, USA. A computer engineer and computer scientist by trade, he started diving in his teenage years - that hobby has later become one of the greatest passions of his life. Vlad developed an early interest in photography – a technology that had a power to capture the fleeting moments of our lives. Digital photography has brought all of his diverse interests together – science and technology, scuba diving and art. Vlad is passionate about photography and takes his camera with him wherever he goes, be it the top of the mountain or the deep blue sea. A unique blend of light and color mixed with physics, computer science, technology and artistic expression is what makes digital photography so exciting for him. With just a dash of two other missing ingredients – a lot of patience and a bit of luck – it makes capturing the beauty and grandeur of life possible."