Friday, August 10, 2012


Jules Terrado-Acosta

For Jules, the most fulfilling dives are those when she has captured with her camera the vibrant and exciting life underwater as seen with her own eyes--it has always been extremely satisfying for her to be able to share and make her viewers wonder in awe that there could be such beauty at the bottom of the sea.

She began diving in late 2006 when she met PADI dive instructor and now husband Jan Acosta.  She continued her training through the years and is now a PADI dive master. 

Jules almost immediately got hooked with underwater photography, starting with a Canon point and shoot camera.  In 2009, she switched to a Canon dSLR camera on Hugyfot  housing with Inon strobes.  She’s into macro photography and she loves using a snoot in her shots.  Lately, she’s been trying her hand on wide angle photography which proves to be very challenging for her.  Some of her photos have already been featured in exhibits and used in advertising and tourism campaigns.  

Along with other underwater photographer friends, she co-founded in the Philippines the Network of Underwater Digital Imagers Inc. (NUDI), a non-stock non-profit corporation that aims to promote underwater photography and videography in support of environmental consciousness and conservation.  She is currently sits at the Board of Trustees and is the organization’s Corporate Secretary.

Jules also recently joined friends and hubby to open Studio H20 that offers to anyone adventurous enough an underwater canvass in creating unique works.   

She may be busy lawyering for an energy company in Manila, but she manages to get her feet wet whenever she can, may it be in nearby Anilao and Puerto Galera, or farther south in Cebu, Bohol, Dauin, and Tubbataha.  And when she’s lucky to get a long break, she’d find herself packing her dive and camera gear heading for dive sites around the Asia-Pacific Region and Caribbean Islands.