Saturday, September 15, 2012


Sofi Sugiharto was born in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Mother of 3 kids.  Graduated from San Francisco State University in 1993 major Accounting.  Together with my husband started diving in 2006.  Right after that, I started to take underwater photos with pocket camera so I can share with my families and friend the beauty of underwater world.  Since 2006, I joined underwater photo competition in Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Halmahera, and Jakarta (Thousand Islands).  All of them are in Indonesia to help them to promote their tourism.   In 2007 I bought my Canon DSLR.   Some of my photos are used by Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Selayar, and West Java authority to promote their area and some photos are published by local diving magazines.  Last year, together with friends, we made a coffee table book “Our Underwater Indonesia”.
Most of my diving done in Indonesia such as Raja Ampat, Wakatobi, Derawan, Komodo, Alor, Biak, Halmahera, Selayar, Bali, Banda, Ambon, Lucipara, and last Pramuka Island near Jakarta, but I have been to Palawan, Phillipines and Bremer Bay in Australia.
Achievements :
·        2006   -           3rdMacro in Raja Ampat Underwater Photo Competition
·        2007   -           3rdWide in Raja Ampat Underwater Photo Competition
·        2007   -           2ndWide in Wakatobi  Underwater Photo Competition
·        2008   -           2ndWide in Wakatobi Underwater Photo Competition
·        2009   -           Honorable in Wakatobi Underwater Photo Competition
·        2009   -           1stWide in Raja Ampat Underwater Photo Competition
·        2010   -           3rdMacro in Pramuka Island (Festival Jakarta’s Birthday)
·        2011   -           1stWide in Pramuka Island
·        2012   -           1stWide in Pramuka Island
Equipment :
·        Canon 50d with Tokina 10-17, Sea & Sea casing, YS250,and YS 120
·        Canon 5d mk II canon 100mm macro, Sea & Sea Casing, 2 inon Z240 +subsee 10