Wednesday, November 21, 2012


My name Is Ernst Andres I'm 53 years old and worked as locksmith. I retired 2 years ago because of an surgical treatment at my knees.
In 2000 I started scuba diving with my daughter. I liked to hold these beautiful landscape so I decided to do underwater photography.
My first camera was a SEA&SEA Motomarine 2 and a YS 60 flash. After that I got a Sony Powershot P12 followed by an Nikon D70 in an Ikelite case.
Today I work with an Olympus C8080 WZ in a case from Olympus and a SEA&SEA YS-120 duo flash.
I think every underwater photographer has his own philosophy that he should realize and represent.
Now my hole family dives which means we live our dreams together and so we do all our vacation planning together as well. 
I'm not an professional diver but in vacations I allways give my best. 
I'd like to thank Roland Klein who is in my mind on every dive and I owe him to be on this way.