Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Tomasz Plocinski embarked on his diving adventure in 2006, when his
brother recommended this hobby to him as being thrilling and
challenging. He soon took to it and fell in love with the underwater
world. The vivid colors and a variety of life forms were amazingly
impressive and in next to no time he developed addiction to this
exciting sport. The first few years were devoted to mastering basic
diving skills through frequent practice and a number of holiday trips
to diving destinations. Unfortunately his family did not share his
passion so his priority was to reveal to them the beauty he found
under water. That led him to the discovery of underwater photography.
In 2011 he bought his first set up for UWP, based on the Olympus XZ-1
camera and housing. Since the purchase his diving style has changed
completely and now he never leaves home without his camera. With UWP
even well known places turn out inspiring again as the chances to snap
another photo appear unexpectedly. He mainly dives in Poland, where
conditions are not so friendly as in warm waters, but even in these
places he can spot things that arouse his interest. He prefers Wide
Angle photography, but is also fascinated by the macro world. Having
visited the Red and Mediterranean Seas with his camera a few times he
is now dreaming about places such as Indonesia, Mexico, Galapagos. So,
let us see what the future has in stock for him.