Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Underwater photography was perhaps an accidental hobby for Trevor… Always been a keen fisherman, he discovered how beautiful beneath the waves were when he went snorkeling in Bunaken, Manado. Now 41, his experience is only slightly over 10 years. Imaging underwater scene for him came about because he could never remember what he saw… so the best way was to document what he saw was through underwater photography. In the initial years, he mucked around with the off-the-shelf point and shoot cameras. He decide to be a little bit more serious and started shooting film with the Nikon F5 in Sea&Sea housing for a couple of years before digitizing his work in a Nikon D3 in Sea&Sea housing. He favors using Ikelite twin strobes because of the warmth colors of the DS160. Nowadays he tries to go to locations where there are more wide angle opportunities. His fav lens for WA are 17-35 and 14-24 to give that super wide perspective. Macros are normally done with 105 with extensions depending on the subject opportunity.