Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Daniel Wilhelm Nilsson started diving in Thailand (like many others ) on a small island called Koh Tao; got a job there as an underwater videographer right after finishing the divemaster course. Didn’t know anything about the editing process and continuity issues then, but he still managed to do pretty well; just a little bit frustrated that the videos did not turn out as good as he wanted them to be. He then started studying cinematography on his own time.
The underwater photography was more of a hobby and when Daniel wasn’t filming, he had his trusty pocket camera with him most of the time. After spending a year being a dive guide, he decided to do the Instructor Course and worked as a dive instructor for a couple of years.
However, those friends of his who have big DSLR rigs with strobes plus some other random accessories always made Daniel feel a bit envious because no matter how good he was doing, there’s no way to get excellent pictures with a pocket camera. That’s why he decided to take a year of his life saving up some cash, back to the coldness of Sweden.
Right after getting himself a new DSLR rig, Daniel happily went back to Thailand and got a job straight away taking shots for the snorkelers. He did that for half a year, but with the Sergeant Major being the only fish he saw the whole time, he decided to get back into real scuba diving.
After seven years in Thailand he felt like he could use a different experience in other countries, somewhere with great underwater creatures and panoramas to take pictures of. So here he is now living in Indonesia, diving everyday taking pictures of the amazing marine life of this beautiful country.