Tuesday, January 1, 2013



Juan Antonio Corbas Corral, born in Zaragoza (Spain) on May 16, 1971.
Since I was 5 years I live in Mallorca - Balearic Islands (Spain), which have always been in contact with the sea.  My life has always been linked to the sea followed, practicing all kinds of water sports.
I took the title of Open Water in May 2008, since then I was hooked on the seabed. He had advanced and I bought my first underwater camera, the G-11 with Ikelite housing and DS-51 flash. In 2009 I took and passed the Avanced the Canon 50D, Sea & Sea housing with some flashes Alfa 110 currently YS/D1 renewed.
In just four years of my dive, I made about 500 dives in various parts of the world, such as Maldives, Bali, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, but most I have made ​​in Mallorca, and that living here allows me to do several dives week.
I take this space to thank my good friend Toni Minor mate countless dives. Which has been who has taught me and helped me improve my photographs.
I hope that if you visit this great island you get in touch with me.