Thursday, March 21, 2013


Gustavo Quiroga was born on January 28, 1972, in Bogota, Colombia.  His parents were forced to move to Venezuela when he was six months years old.  
He was formed as a Commercial Pilot, in a private  academy of aviation.
Nevertheless his studies and preparation,  his real  passion was the underwater world. This journey began in 1993 with an open water course. Thru several experiences and a Nikon 4 camera,  in 1994 started to take interesting shoots of sea life .  After that he ventured  in Video filming with a Sony Handy Cam. In 1995 made advance  courses of Photography in the Diaphragm Gallery in Maracay   with a Nikono V.  In 1996 got his certification as a Dive Master which let him to work as a Professional Diver.  In 2002 took videos  from a freighter for an Ink Company with excellent results.
From that moment to on, sold his photos to different companies dedicated to advertising industry, like Kaos in Valencia.  In 2003  his job was presented in a television program  about photography for children  in TVS Maracay.
From 2004 to 2005 his photos were sold to Due, C.A. (Advertising Company). In the same year a video took in Los Roques, Venezuela (the most beautiful place in Venezuela), were used for a Documentary of BOD (Banco Occidental de Venezuela) wich was presented on national television. 
2006 and 2007 where years for working video filming and taking underwater pictures for a Refinery reconstructing its jetty in Borburata, Puerto Cabello, the country´s main port.
His photography's job  has been reviewed by different national newspapers, like El Universal, Notitarde, El Carabobeño.

From 2009 to date has been working in an exploration and development of photographic portfolio Cave Shrimp in Falcon State, Venezuela for DIVEPHOTOGUIDE.COM.

His love and passion through the underwater is large and full of genuine concern for the environment.