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Ricardo Castillo Miguez was born in Mexico City, December 1975. He still remembering that at the age of 10 was the first time that observing with conscious the ocean, this was in Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico. In his own words he said “that´s where the oceans caught me”.  He remembered in that moment stopped for some time in a mound of sand watching the immensity of the ocean and listening music from the waves. 

Now he dedicates his life teaching scuba diving on his company “Rango Extendido”, he likes to bring people to explore the oceans from the world, hoping that also “ocean catch them” trying to do so between his adventures, capturing all those instants in the ocean through his camera or video lenses. “Any image that provokes a reaction of wonder in people is a small step to save the world's oceans"

Between his diving experiences, he has the most complicated ever dive planned and performed by any diver, like the caved named Wakulla Room that is located in the Peninsula of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Mexico.  More of 350 ft depth to explore cave film it, obtains it images and create the first documental from that enormous place with the purpose of show it to the world.  More diving experiences as one immersion in submarine for more hat 1000 ft depth; also diving for more that 5 hours; exploring and documenting wrecks, diving with sharks without any cage, this to show the world that those animals are not the killers that all humanity believes. Instructor for scuba diving, technical diving with specialty in deep diving, technical diving, rescue, mixed gases, nitrox, trimix, rebreathers, cave diving, decompression, sidemount, “solo” diver, underwater photo & video.

This journey as photographer has been taken Ricardo all around the oceans in our world, Sudafrique, Mozambique, Mediterranean, Cocos Island, Galapagos Island, Bahamas, Hawaii, Cuba, Indonesia and more, as the other innumerable travels thru Mexican cost, islands and submerged caves that are found in Mexico; during these travel experiences he has obtained incredible images from the lives in the ocean. 
With a career as Graphic Designer that was the beginning of his knowledge in photography, he fall in love with the underwater world and from then, he spent almost his live sailing, exploring and diving.

“On the constant search trying to show to the world the magic to be part of the ocean”

Movie: “Sin Memoria”
Film Director: Sebastián Borensztein
Actors: Martha Higareda, Guillermo Dueñas, Pedro Armendáriz, Julio Bracho, Nicolás Echevarría, Emilio Echeverría.
Production: Videocine Mexico – Panamax Films USA
Synopsis: This is the history of Beto, a man who wakes up remembering any where he is or anything about his past.  Trying to recover his memory and his life, he is discover a series of pieces that reveal unexpected events such as theft, deception, redemption of own blood and a passionate love. In Rango Extendido we were in charge of training, planning, executing and coordinating all the underwater scenes during filming that was done in the Mexican Caribbean.

2009 - 2010
Documental Serie:“Nuestros Mares” (“Our oceans”)
Film Director: Ivan Lowenberg
Production: Once TV México
On the air since August 2010
Synopsis: This series of 40 mini documentaries from 1 minute each, where vehicle for dissemination and awareness that it is intended to show the richness and fragility of life and ecosystems found in the Mexican coast.

Shortfilm 20”12’
Production: Fundacion Rango Extendido, A.C. Mexico
Synopsis: A 20-minute short film documental showing all the logistics and planning for a deep dive to 100m(350 ft depth)in a cave that has been reached only by 10 people and where it is images has never been shown to the world until now. This underwater cave is the deepest of Quintana Roo and belongs to a system of 65km of caves and cenotes located in the Yucatan Peninsula. It is a documental film that promotes the conservation of underwater cave systems in largest in the world.

2010 Official Selection 37 Festival Mondial l Image Sous-Marine France
Award: “Dimitri Rebikof” 
2010 Official Selection 14th International Underwater Film Festival Serbia
Award: “Special Award” 
2011 Official Selection 34 Ciclo Internacional de Cine Submarino de Sn. Sebastian Spain
Award: “1st. Place, Barandilla de Oro”
Award: “Great Award Rutas Loyangalani”
2011 Guest 4 Film Festival of Human Rights Mexico
Mention: Record Audience

Dubai International Boat Show
Exhibition of 20 photos
Stand DMEX-M21
Partner: Beuchat