Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Terry Goss is a Divemaster, photographer, financial professional and musician based in San Jose, California. 
A lifelong lover of the oceans and marine wildlife - especially sharks! - I only began scuba diving in 2006; having taken up playing around with digital photography just a year or so prior, the two activities were a natural complement and I basically learned the ins & outs of both together. I do some 'dry-land' photo projects, but I prefer to get wet....

As a shark photographer, I have been featured in Shark Diver Magazine,, and several books including the Smithsonian Institute's Natural History, IUCN Redlist's Species on the Edge, as well as on the wall of California Academy of Sciences Steinhart Aquarium (San Francisco). I've managed to place well in various underwater photo competitions, recently as the winner of Marine Photobank's Ocean In Focus, with some subsequent pics on National Geographic's blog. Other projects are usually in the works - but I have to deal with my day job and "normal" life most of the time.

I use & favor: Nikon D300 bodies, Aquatica housing & ports, Nikkor & Tokina lenses, Sea&Sea strobes, Ultralight Control Systems arms & clamps, GoPro video cams, Xit404 housing knobs; USIA and Bare drysuits, Apollo & ScubaPro fins, Suunto computers, Oceanic gauges & computers, Aqualung regulators, Seaquest BCs, Otter Bay hoods, Pinnacle wetsuits, and Cressi masks. ... For now - I'm always looking to learn new things, products and techniques.