Friday, April 4, 2014


My name is Maurizio Raddo, I come from Torino (Italy) and even if I live in a city near the mountains, my real passion is the sea. 
I had the privilege to approach to diving as a child. In 1982, when I was 12, thanks to my uncle, a dive instructor, I could experience the emotion of the diving with the scuba breathing apparatus. 
It was a fantastic experience, I remember that day as though it were yesterday. In the 90’s
I collected several scuba diving licenses, as most of the sport divers. 
In 1994 I bought, just for fun, and just out of curiosity, a secondhand Nikonos III and for a short time I enjoyed with macro photography. The photography, particularly the underwater photography has always fascinated me.  2 years ago I decided to purchase an underwater housing for my Nikon D90 to bring it in the diving with me. During these 2 years I think to have improved a lot both in technique and in creativity and I hope to continue for the future in my growth.