Monday, September 29, 2014


My name is Paul Cowell, i am 42 years old, originally from Manchester, UK but now live in Singapore.
I learnt to dive as a PADI OWD in the Maldives in 2003, then progressed through advanced diver to rescue diver in August 2011. I never dive without my camera, to date i have logged around 180 dives.
I have been interested in photography for over 10 years now. my job involved a lot of overseas travel and i found myself in interesting places where i wanted to capture cultures and landscapes. at about the same time i learnt to scuba dive and wanted to try and capture the undersea world, so made the investment into underwater photography. I think it is important to try and inspire people about the underwater world in order to protect our oceans and seas.
I like all underwater life. of course it is easier to photograph clownfish. but i enjoy the challenge of more skittish underwater life. I also very much like wide angle sea scapes. the buety of the underwater world and the way the light plays tricks underwater is always a treat to try and capture.
I love wrecks, and i like to try and capture divers in perspective with the size of them. I like the fact that such large man-made objects just shouldnt be there.
I have been lucky to dive some spectacular places - red sea wrecks, south african sardine run, the whalesharks of cenderawasih bay - but my favourite place to dive is Mactan, Cebu - in the philippines. although the diving is usually not considered as awesome as some of the ones mentioned above, the variety of diving and ease of travel makes it my particular favourite. a short 3 1/2 hour flight from singapore and a very reliable and excellent diver shop - scotty's Shangri-La - means i can be in the water soon after i land. the diverse reefs around mactan, combined with a few wrecks make it an ideal place for me.