Monday, December 19, 2016


Eitan ben Zvi

I started diving only in 09/2013 at Eilat - Red Sea, and got my first / current underwater camera, Sony A6000, in March 2015. Photography was something very new to me. I never took pictures before, above water….still don’t , only underwater.
Later that year, in Nov. 2015 I upgrade my gear and bought 90mm macro and 10-18mm Wide Angle….and also upgrade my housing to "Easydive Wi3". Which is very unique concept housing – that controls the camera from the remote/usb port. So I have a very ergonomic panel to control all the functions of photography, and also I can upgrade my camera with the same housing .
On May 2016 I took a diving trip to Anilao and Dumaguete at the Philippines and I had the pleasure of working with more pro underwater photographers, learning all along the way.