Friday, December 31, 2021



After living and in several countries like Mexico, Venezuela and USA since the age of 5, Alexander  finally settled on the Caribbean island of Curacao in 1992.

Not too long after he went for his first dive and immediately got hooked.

After finishing his OWD he progressed to become a dive instructor in 1997.

He took an interest in photography after seeing a good friend take some beautiful photos with his DSLR. Several P&S cameras later he discovered the Canon G7X (the model he still uses today) which showed some great technological improvements over the cameras from yesteryear.

He has been shooting with the same model for about 6 years now and along the way discovering the tricks of the trade regarding light, lenses, technique and overall handling of the camera setup in the underwater world. Macro photography is his preferred way of shooting.

"It is a nice feeling when the photos improve over time and experience. It is very rewarding what can be accomplished today, with a little patience and experience, with relatively inexpensive underwater photo equipment".

Alex dives on a regular basis in Curacao (where all these photos were taken) always looking for new ways to improve the quality of the photos. He takes photos just for pleasure and for the fun of showing them on several social media sites.

"Seeing so many excellent photos of other passionate underwater photographers keeps me motivated and aspiring for yet another great shot"

Not having a FB site of his own you can check out Christa Allgayer Schulz on FB for up to date infos on Curacao and his photography.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021



Giacomo Rossi 

Giacomo is an underwater photographer and dive instructor with a great passion for pelagic animals. His passion first developed in the Red Sea during his job as a dive guide on a liveaboard back in 2009. 

During these early stages, he focused mainly on underwater videography before eventually switching to photography.

He has been living in Mexico since 2011, first in Cozumel, and now in La Paz, Baja California Sur, where he was able to improve on his wide-angle imagery while capturing the large pelagic animals of the Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez.
Some trips to Indonesia, the South Pacific, and other popular dive destinations gave him further subjects to feed his passion.

The purpose of his photography is to transmit this passion for the ocean and its inhabitants and inspire people to help in its conservation. 

This is also the mission of his company Baja Underwater Expeditions, which offers personalized eco-tourism around the peninsula to experience all of its most exciting residents and visitors up close and personal.